My husband and I had been clients for over 20 years for our business and personal taxes. We were always impressed with Richard’s efficiency and he had always made things as easy as possible. After my husband’s death Richard was on the phone immediately with my attorney and financial advisor so that even though they did not know each other personally their goal was to work together on my behalf and to come to decisions as a group when advising me at an overwhelming time. I always felt that they had my best interests at heart and were concerned about my well-being, as well as my financial situation.  Richard is very efficient. When I call with a question, regardless of how small the question might be, he always gets back to me ASAP. I would definitely recommend Richard Yorke as an extremely competent accountant and he is extremely smart!


Yorke and Associates has provided me the professional and personal service I had been looking for. Not only has everyone in the office been a joy to deal with, but…Everyone in the office has returned every call on the same day, every time! Everyone in the office has returned every email on the same day, every time! After going through 4 personal IRS audits, finding Yorke and Associates helped me in all financial aspects of my personal and professional life. The personal and professional service at Yorke and Associates is exactly what I had been seeking for a long time!

Steven A.

I own a truck accessory business and have worked with Yorke & Associates for ten years. I have always found Richard and his staff courteous, knowledgeable and timely with their work. I get my questions answered quickly and my tax returns completed on time. I highly recommend them.

Brett B.

Yorke and Associates are truly THE tax experts! I started my business in 2010 and met Richard in 2015. After I mentioned what I had paid in taxes that last year, Richard suggestion that I send him my returns for the three previous years. After he audited these returns, he was able to secure for me an additional $2500+ in refunds. Aside from just the tax advice, Richard has also helped me by offering all sorts of advice, including how to buy a used car! Richard and his team have an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and they genuinely care about helping their clients – not just saving them on their taxes.

Laura M.

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